How To Find Brand Mentions Using Google

Written by
Connor Talbott

How To Find Brand Mentions Using Google

.... Or For Your Name.
Written by
Connor Talbott

How To Find Brand Mentions Using Google

.... Or For Your Name.

I’ve been volunteering with a non-profit, helping them with various digital marketing needs.

Offhandedly, I was told that they monitor the mention of their brand. Good for them! I assume they were doing this by doing a simple Google Search of:

genesis project

There is a much easier way of doing this.

How To Automate and Find Brand Mentions

To practically automate the process of monitoring Google search for their brand mentions, I told them of the following technique.

Summary of What I Told Them

Google search the following line (negative symbol and all): "genesis project"

This will tell you of every website other than the genesis project's website that mentions the exact two words in this combination "genesis project".

The "-" sign followed by "site:" tells google to exclude the website. The quotes tell google that those words have to appear back-to-back (not split apart).

To automate the process you can use Google Alerts. Then, when there is a new mention you’ll get an email from Google.

Source: Google Alerts

Adjusting The Settings of the Google Alert

As you can see in the above screenshot, you also have a lot of flexibility with:

  1. How often you want to get the alerts
  2. Sources are the types of websites you want to be alerted about. For example a blog vs news sites
  3. Language
  4. Location of where these sites are located that mention your brand/name
  5. How many results that you want to get

How To Automate and Find Where Your Name Is Mentioned

If you have a blog and want to find places where your name is mentioned, do the same process as the brand mention, but put your name in the quotes.

Funny Part

If they actually do this, they should eventually get a Google Alert telling them about this post.

So, Genesis Project, did you get this Google Alert?

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